Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Business Ethics and Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Business Ethics and Law - Essay Example Its market share is reduced by 5% while its competitor gained 6%. As a strategic response, Delectables intend to keep its prices in exchange of compromising quality. Obviously, quality needs to be improved in the plant and the person responsible for it, the Quality Control Director can only be effective if he has the support of the higher management of Delectables. At present, he does not have its support evident when he tried to implement the industry’s best practices of having a sample of one jar of peanut butter per production line every  ½ hour. Apparently, management just want the Quailty Assurance’s stampad to approve its production evident with a sampling of one jar per production line every week. It is understandable that upper management is under pressure from the competition to lower its price. But it cannot do so at the expense of health and quality. In its effort to cut down cost, it became negligent (perhaps even deliberately) with health and quality standards that its production practices become a health risk and salmonella prone. One of the reason of this declining quality is the declining morale of the supervisors and workers on the floor due to their low wages and just wanted to keep their jobs thus the mediocre work and health risk quality practices. This mindset is reinforced by management’s negligent attitude towards quality knowing that it would cost them to implement quality. Thus, the poor practices for quality became a culture. The state of Georgia is face with a multitude of problems in dealing with food safety issues at companies like Delectables. One of the most pressing problem it has that prevents it to become effective in its regulatory function is the lack of funding and manpower. It only has to 60 inspectors to look after 16,000 food businesses and this has severely limited its thoroughness of the state’s monitoring process. To address its challenges, the state of

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