Sunday, April 19, 2020

Mr. Know All free essay sample

Mr. K seems to be a fake person but finally he saves the ladys life and marriage. Its not always good to judge a book by its cover. A Road Not Take: How people in the world make decisions. Hots: * Inference. Interpreting the sigh (somewhere ages and ages hence) was he happy or not? It wasnt that he wasn’t happy with his choice. Its only he wanted to be able to walk through both paths. Once youve taken a single path you change your life forever. You cant jump into the same river twice. You’re a different person, both you and the river change. Even if you do go back, youre not the same person anymore. One path leads you to another. * Explaining a pattern. * Problem solving. How does he choose? How does he weigh the pros and cons? He uses this skill to compare and contrasts, he tries to see which ones better which one was used more, in the end he just takes the one that wanted wear, the one that more people have walked on and thats way we cant be sure whether or not his choice was correct. We will write a custom essay sample on Mr. Know All or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page He tried to see where the roads bend. (I kept the other to another day though we know he cant bring back time) maybe hes choosing between good and good. Literary terms: * Symbolism. The path, time and day, yellow woods – either dawn (new beginning) or the seasons (fall) – a time of change. Metamorphosis. * Theme. What was he trying to tell us? Was he happy?. Its one of hope and one of regret. Its up to interpretation. Theres both regret and comfort. (The more correct – hes not sorry about what he took but hes sorry about the human feeling of having to have both and being forced to choose one. ) He has a dilemma and he has to make a decision. As I grew older: On the one hand Langston Hughes could be just a regular person who has dreams, and as he grows older his dreams are obliterated by a big wall causing a shadow and either he decide to break through it and achieve his goals. However, we know he was African American and the fact of him being black, made him who he is. By knowing how he feels about racism and discrimination, we understand the poem better. When hes a kid he doesnt understand hes being put within a society in which he can succeed. But as hes growing older he understands he cant achieve what he wants to achieve with the current reality. When he becomes an adult he understand how limited he is. He lays there in the shadow looking at the wall. Then, he look at his dark black hand (negative connotation) on the other hand, these black hands are the ones that smash the wall into thousands of pieces of light. Hes his own master, he has the power. If he wants to do it he and only he can change is fate. HOTS: * Distinguishing different prospective – his perspective towards life change throughout the poem. (Kid – Insight – Wont accept his fate). * Cause Effect – he basically has to cause the effect. Hes the person (the simple man) who can take charge. Hes the only one who can change his fate and cause the effect. If there wasn’t a cause and he fact hed just stay there lying looking at the wall grow older and older. He believes the discrimination is wrong but its not enough to talk and the action that he takes violently by smashing the wall and shattering the darkness might change his fate and then hell be able to achieve his dreams. Literary terms: * Symbols: mood, hand, theme, racism, discrimination. Read the poems and story and read all the questions. Read all the summaries. As I grew older – the question we answered on the board. How its being checked – 80% content,20% grammar.

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